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8 28-70mm zoom lens or other optional lens • Computer with keyboard, mouse, and monitor (optional) • Windows operating system (pre-installed) • AlphaView image processing and analysis software (pre-installed and calibrated with computer and hardware system) • MultiImage! Unfortunately, we are not yet active in sales in your country. 92 MP cooled CCD camera and includes a high end imaging cabinet, UV transilluminator with dual wavelength 302/365 nm wavelengths, fold down white light table, epi white.

Automatic image capture software is provided for ultimate ease of use. Tel:Fax:info Thank you for your interest in the Alpha Innotech Fluorchem FC2 Gel Imaging System (ID : 10732). The system&39;s application versatility not only includes a wide range of fluorescent and colorimetric. 0 Image Analysis software that combines unrivalled ease of use with a comprehensive set of documentation, analysis and image enhancement tools. FluorChem M is a high-performance imaging system for quantitative Western blot detection and gel imaging. this auction is for a alpha-innotech fluorchem is-8900 gel imaging system voltage : 100-120/200-240 vac frequency : 50/60 hz current : 3 amps mfg date : june powers on, unable to test further. Alpha Innotech Alpha Imager HP Gel Imaging System. 95 Fixed, Manual (Motorized Lens Optional) Pixels: 7.

8 zoom lens, manual 28 mm F1. COM | Laboratory & Scientific Lab Equipment | Boston Industries, Inc. AlphaImagers™ are designed with a stand-alone cabinet and use an external computer so a darkroom is not needed.

Taking pictures with this machine is incredibly easy. does not include pc, software, or any other parts. Used PROTEINSIMPLE FluorChem FC2 Digital Imaging System For Sale - DOTmed Listing 3016007: Here is a ProteinSimple Alpha Innotech FluorChem FC2 Imager Pred E Made in Made by Alpha Innotech. Shop new and used Alpha Innotech FluorChem IS-8900&39;s for sale on LabX. The systems are controlled by easy-to-use and intuitive AlphaView® software which performs image analysis and archiving and can also prepare images for desktop publishing. epi white lights and white light table.

· DETAILED INFO AND PHOTOS FOR THIS CAN BE FOUND ON OUR WEBSITE AT com/proteinsimple-alpha-innotech-fluorchem-fc2-imaging-system OR CALL. FluorChem® FC2 System Includes: 1. Includes: FluorChem HD2 Imaging System Computer Loaded w/ Software Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse Applications: Chemiluminescent Colorimetric UV Fluorescent System Configuration Camera Resolution: 4. The Alpha Innotech FluorChem FC2 Gel Documentation and Analysis System (GelDoc, Gel Imager) allows simple and easy acquisition of data from many sources including PAGE-gels, agarose gels, petri-dishes, microtiter plates and thin-layer chromatography plates. The FluorChem HD® Imaging System comes with AlphaEase® v4. · The images were acquired on Alpha Innotech FluorChem FC2 imaging system (ProteinSimple; Bio-Techne, Minneapolis, MN, USA).

95 Fixed, Manual or Motorized Pixels: 7. The blots were developed with the SuperSignal Femto chemiluminescent substrate and scanned using the Alpha Innotech FluorChem FC2 digital imaging system. This system features: 1. Equal volumes of reagents were mixed, and the mixture applied to the blots for five minutes. · CUSTOMIZED Protein Alpha Innotech FluorChem Imaging BOSTONINDDuration: 1:59.

Purchase and get quotes on lab equipment, supplies, and instrumentation. 365/302 nm dual-wavelength, dual-intensity UV transilluminator. Its compact design incorporates state-of-the-art CCD optical technology with an intuitive touchscreen inter-. ProteinSimple (formerly Alpha Innotech and Cell Biosciences) has been developing and innovating Western blot and gel imaging systems for over 20 years. The product line is extensive and there is a camera to meet almost any need. All blots were re-probed for β-actin except for the spectrin blots.

Our in-house imaging team has an expert understanding of the gel-, plate- and membrane-based biological assays for which imaging alpha innotech fluorchem fc2 imaging system manual products are used. If you are interested in a partnership with alpha-innotec, do not hesitate to contact us. Each of the systems in this line is comprised of a darkbox and cooled CCD camera, which is controlled by and outputs images to, a separate computer.

These systems integrate the latest developments in camera and lens technology for imaging with a wide dynamic range and fast image acquisition speeds. Conformational integrity and biological activity of HA protein on VLPs were determined by trypsin cleavability and hemagglutination assays as. Excitation is available in transillumination and epi-illumination formats in wavelengths ranging from 225-495nm for UV and ChromaLight™ Blue as well as 400-700nm for visible light imaging. Introduction to the FluorChem E System FluorChem E is a high-performance imaging system for quantitative Western blot detection and gel imaging. · Alpha Innotech produces the Fluorchem Imager line, which offers multiple gel imaging systems.

Use the information specific to your instrument and software when calling ProteinSimple for technical support and software upgrades. About This Manual. 5" H (51 x 38 x 100 cm) Weight: 100. View & download of more than 345 Alpha-innotec PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. Densitometer scanning of the HA protein band was performed using a Fluorchem FC2 imaging system (Alpha Innotech, San Leandro, CA) and the data analyzed using Alphaview software (Alpha Innotech). To speak with a representative, please fill out the contact form below or call us directly. Read independent reviews on AlphaImager HP Imaging System.

Cover all your application bases with one easy-to-use system. Chemiglow®(Alpha Innotech) according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Heat pump user manuals, operating guides & specifications. 8 fixed lens, adjustable tray kit, MultiImage® II FC Light Cabinet with Orange filter, Epi white lights and white light table and ML-. FluorChem HD2 Imaging System Including CPU and AlphaView System Software and Stand Alone Analysis Software. The identical time elapsed between completion of the incubation with Chemiglow, and imaging with either film or the digital imaging system. Alpha Innotech provides up to 5 unique excitation sources to alpha innotech fluorchem fc2 imaging system manual maximize sensitivity with all fluorescence and colorimetric imaging.

The blots were developed with the SuperSignal Femto chemiluminescent substrate for 5 min and scanned using Alpha Innotech FluorChem FC2 digital imaging system. orimetric applications. The imaging system uses a 1. M179 Alpha Innotech FluorChem 8900 [FULLTEXT] $ M181 Scales (5) [FULLTEXT] $ M182 Blood Pressure Cuffs (37) [FULLTEXT] $ M183 Ninety-Seven (97) Blood Pressure Cuffs + Stethoscope Kits [FULLTEXT] $ M184 3D Systems SLA 250/50 [FULLTEXT] $ M185 Laboratory Suction Arm MET, Ceiling Mounting, Snorkel-Style (7) [FULLTEXT] $. 92 megapixel camera, fast optics for rapid imaging, and housed in a flexible MultiImage II FC cabinet with an adjustable shelf for imaging.

· Alpha Innotech also offers a machine with a better 12-bit camera (AlphaImager™ HP) and machines that can visualize chemiluminescence (FluorChem family). standard of resolution, sensitivity, dynamic range and performance. About This Manual page 3 alpha innotech fluorchem fc2 imaging system manual AlphaView Software User Guide Figure 1-1: System Information This box shows the software version number. To close the box, click on the OK button. 4 µm Filter Positions: 5, Motorized Size: 20" W x 15" D x 39.

Further information on alpha innotec and the products can be found at www. Knockdown of SLC27A6 Lentivirus shRNAs were prepared by the RNAi Core Facility (Taipei, Taiwan). FluorChem imagers are versatile—they have true multi-mode capabilities, with UV fluorescence, white light, chemiluminescence, visible fluorescence, and infrared fluorescence imaging, all in one compact system.

The FluorChem systems include the following: • High-performance, high resolution, CCD camera • Manual f/2. 19 Megapixel cooled CCD camera. This system was uniquely designed to compete with film for speed and sensitivity when imaging chemiluminescent samples, such as western blots, and gives you linear, quantitative results. Alpha Innotech ChemiImager 5500 Gel Imaging System Cambridge ID : 10006 Using advanced electrically cooled SuperChemiNova CCD camera technology, the FluorChem provides real time display and the R. The Alpha Innotech FluorChem FC2 Imaging System is a scientific grade imaging system at an entry level price with a wide dynamic range for chemiluminescent and fluorescent imaging.

The immunoreactive bands of interest were quantified by densitometric analysis using Image J 1. Its compact design incorporates state-of-the-art CCD optical technology with an intuitive touchscreen inter-face for detection of chemiluminescent, UV-excited and colorimetric gels and blots. includes only what is shown in pictures. 4 µm Filter Positions: 6. · Immunoblots were developed with chemiluminescent reagent (ECL, Amersham) and imaged on Alpha-Innotech, equipped with FluorChem FC2 Imaging System (Cell Biosciences).

The FluorChem HD Imaging System is our most innovative design and offers the leading combination of resolution, sensitivity and dynamic range. 92 Megapixel camera with 16-bit A/D Cooled to -25ºC absolute and regulated, manual 28-70 mm F2. Includes: FluorChem Q Imaging System Computer Loaded w/ Software Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse Red, Green, and Blue Modules Applications: Multiplex Fluorescent Westerns Chemiluminescent Colorimetric UV Fluorescent System Configuration: Camera Resolution: 4. Eliminate the need for film, a darkroom, and a film developer with the FluorChem HD2 from Alpha Innotech. The FluorChem FC2&39;s applications include Western blots, SuperArrays, multicolor Westerns, fluorescent DNA and protein gels, and colony counting. The first ( left ) column in each panel shows pdFV/TFPI-2 interaction, the second column shows the FV-1033/TFPI-2 interaction, and the third column shows rFVa/TFPI-2 interaction.

Alpha innotech fluorchem fc2 imaging system manual

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